Uganda: UPDF launches Ulinzi condom brand

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) has launched a new brand of condoms to primarily focus on prevention of HIV/AIDs in the army.

The condom, branded Ulinzi to mean defense, was launched at Bombo barracks by the chief of staff for Land Forces, Brig Leopold Kyanda.

The initiative was undertaken by the army in partnership with two nongovernmental organizations named; Population Service Institute (PSI) and Pace Uganda.

Kyanda challenged the soldiers to make sure they are protected, that is when they will ensure they can protect the nation.

“If the individual soldier does not ensure that he is secure, then there is no way he can defend this country and that is why we are in a deliberate defense position to ensure that you are safe first and thereafter you can defend the country,” Kyanda said.

An official from Peace Uganda remarked that soldiers by nature of their job need to meet up with women for pleasure and as means of unwinding from the war routine. On the note, therefore, it is important that they protect themselves to avoid infecting their wives who stay home waiting on them.

Dr Dorothy Baraba, the country director for PSI said they are also looking forward to involving the women.

“We specifically targeting men but that does not mean we have left out the women. This was a presidential initiative and we are only putting it in action as an institute that partners with UPDF,” she said.

In 2015, the UPDF launched a Uzima bottled water reportedly aimed at improving the livelihood of soldiers. The product is already in the market and is mostly distributed during government events.

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