PSD Cited in bribery of voters

Social Democratic party is reportedly bribing voters to come to their political rallies as they solicit for votes to have representatives in the parliament.

The political party that was today on Thursday 16th/08 conducting campaigns in Muhanga district, Southern province got some of it supporters telling journalists that they would drag the political party to relevant authorities if they did ‘t pay them the prizes they agreed to came and be present at the rally.

“They got me and my fellow cyclists from the stage and promised to give us prizes if we came to their rally and also moved around with. They didn’t specify the prizes they will give but if they don’t pay us we will report them to relevant authorities so that we get our payment” one of the people told this reporter. This was also confirmed by a fellow who said that “they gave us a list and we wrote our names so after here we will go to their headquarters here in Muhanga and we get our payments.

However, PSD Secretary General DR Ngabitsinze Jean Chrysostom has trashed these claims saying that they are baseless accusation being put on them by those who don’t wish them well.

Using their Twitter account the party also clarified that PSD does not pay and will not pay anyone for campaigning they will keep following the case reported in Muhanga district.

According to the Rwanda National Electoral Commission (NEC) bribery of voters in any way is against the campaign rules and regulations. Anyone party found guilty of such an act is punished accordingly.

The national campaigns of the Member of Parliaments started on 13 August and will end 1st September. Voting will be on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th September.

By BYANSI Samuel Baker

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