Bobi Wine: Museveni’s statements links him on torture

By BYANSI Samuel Baker

Uganda’s independent lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has made an obsessive appeal to the country’s security forces, asking them to demonstrate that they are ‘pro-people’.

‘‘You should not allow the regime to turn you against the population. You are citizens of Uganda first, before and after you put on that uniform,’‘ said  Bobi wine

State-sanctioned torture

In a statement posted on his Facebook page on Monday, Bobi Wine also sought to address the country’s president Yoweri Museveni, whom he accused of disregarding torture and the human rights violations committed by security forces.

‘‘To President Yoweri Museveni…instead of calling your troops to order, the same troops which have murdered Ugandans and tortured me and others to near death, you have patted them on the back and thanked them for a job well done,’‘ Bobi Wine said as he took on the president.

‘‘Would I be wrong to say that these violations are sanctioned by you?’‘

Bobi Wine and another legislator Francis Zaake sought specialised treatment outside Uganda, for injuries they sustained as they were arrested and detained by the military last month.

Several other opposition supporters are nursing injuries sustained from the choas that ensued after the confrontation between Museveni’s convoy and opposition supporters on August 13.

The meaning of People Power

Bobi Wine, also sought to explain the ‘People Power’ concept that has been attributed to him and his supporters.

The government has accused the People Power movement of hooliganism and said it’s a movement that has been paid by foreign agents to destabilise the country.

He explained that ‘People Power is not about Bobi Wine’, but rather an idea that seeks to remind Ugandans that political power belongs to the them and not government officials.

‘‘People Power is not a political organization, at least not now. People Power is an idea that all power belongs to the people as guaranteed by Article 1 of our Constitution.’‘

He added that People Power is embraced by dissenting voices in the ruling party, opposition politicians, professionals, the youth and all Ugandans who are not happy with the status quo.

‘‘People Power is you, young person who finished school five years ago but continue to struggle to find employment,’‘ read one of the examples.

Bobi Wine who saluted journalists for working under tough conditions, said his movement is working to restore media freedom in the country.

He also saluted the several sections of people, singling out Kenyans for showing solidarity with him during his military detention.

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